World Goth Fair, the gates are open…

…and the bats have been released.

So one can read on the official World Goth Fair 2015 website, on which you will also find a map and vendor-list for the shoppers.
Yes, I like to shop too, but the main reason I always love to go to the World Goth Fair is the build and the atmosphere. This year as amazing as ever. Openened today is a dark, spooky landscape, but with gorgeous and colourful Northern Light and trees with lights in them  to help you move around without needing night vision.

World Goth Fair - II
I’ve played around a bit taking pictures, I will surely return for some shopping too. This is a short blogpost, to wish you all a lovely weekend and if you want: go get your virtual Goth on!
World Goth Fair - I
PS: fair is fair, the images in this blog-post are enhanced in Photoshop. Not much, but yes, they are post processed.



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