Corruption: friendly, classy and sexy, all in one!

This evening I spent some hours having a blast in the courtyard of Corruption, an adult themed club/society, for their #TBT – back to the 90’s evening. For those not in ‘the know’…#TBT is a hashtag, started on twitter and Facebook (and by now on other platforms as well, and it stands for Throw Back Thursday). Often, well mostly, used to show a pic from many years ago, together with some memories. Actually a fun, weekly theme which you can use everywhere, so tonight it was in a club.

Corruption - I
Main landing point, where you will find the group joiner and a map of the sim 

Besides their #TBT evenings, Corruption has other events – adult themed – and that is not all. It is for members only, the group joining fee being 375 LS, but then you have access to all areas and besides the events it is a wonderful place for photo-shoots, hanging out and relaxing, meeting people or if you need a nice room for..well, those moment you need to ‘get a room’.
Corruption - II

I love the building, a huge castle/palace surrounded by the sea and in the back a secluded outdoor pool with waterfalls.

While I am usually hesitant to feature ‘members only’ destinations on my blog, this one surely deserves the attention. It is not a sex-sim as such, though yes: sex may happen and nudity is there. Then again, you know this when you join and pay for the group. It looks amazing, the people are friendly, so…if you have 375 LS to spend and are looking for a place for adult meetings/conversations/cool parties/great picture opportunities: give it a try and if you take pics, do not forget to add them to  their Flickr-group!
Corruption - III


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  1. Becky says:

    Definitely sounds like a place worth visiting!

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