The Cyprian Garden, come lose yourself for a while

After my last blog-post about Corruption, being an adult club, I logged in yesterday to find an invitation sent by Ellyn (mellyn.llewellyn), to come visit the The Cyprian Garden , which she has landscaped and which is owned by Dorian Meredith.

When I first read the description I was, once again, a bit hesitant if it would be suitable for my blog, as The Cyprian Garden is not only an Adult location, but caters to BDSM. No membership needed though, so a garden open to everybody who has permission to visit Adult rated content and is aware one can run into sex or nudity.

Anyway, I went to see it and….well yes, I got blown away by how gorgeous this place looks and how tasteful. Yes, it is a place where one can indulge in the BDSM activities, but those are well placed out of the general view and you really need to go look for it. I’ve visited three times now, and explored, and not once did I ran into ‘action’ by accident and not once did I get IM’s or such.

The Cyprian Garden - III

I did enjoy the scenery a lot, it is indeed as tasteful as was promised and I particularly fell in love with the dance floor at the lake, covered with soft romantic lights and surrounded by red roses. Couple dances, romantic, are available and I can imagine a romantic date will certainly be a success when dancing under and on the stars :).

The Cyprian Garden - II

Adult activities aside, I also like A-rated places to use for photo-shoots, in case I want to do something arty which may show a nipple or more, places like this are perfect for that! Also, if you need props: rezzing is open for 30 minutes!

The Cyprian Garden - I


4 Comments Add yours

  1. owldragonash says:

    Beautiful shots! You just added this to my must see list!

  2. Becky says:

    Another great example that an “adult” sim can also be beautiful.

  3. Mellyn Llewellyn says:

    Thank you so much for visiting,Cait! Beautiful pictures! Just a clarification – the sim is owned by and the brain child of Dorian Meredith. I’m the humble landscaper.

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