Girls Night Out: Kayaking the Calas Caladhon sims

It has been a month since our last field-trip, the Girls Night Out, when we had a blast horse riding in Calas Caladhon Park sims so yesterday night we had another adventure.

Kerena, Ylva (yay!), Kahleesi, Becky and me all geared up in ‘clothes that may get wet’ as we were invited by Kerena to go kayaking in the Calas park!
Yes, the same destination as last time, but this time we would explore it via the many streams, lakes, rivers and canals.

Girls Night Out: Kayaking - I
Becky is clearly trying to run me over!

Since one cannot rezz on the sims, there are rezzers which provide a free Kayak, in our case on the starting point of our trip in one of the most lovely sims: Gulf of Lune.

Girls Night Out: Kayaking - II
Kerena takes the lead!

Another option is to bring your own kayak, but it has to be a wearable. Both Kahleesi and me had a wearable kayak from AZ (link to MP) which was very fast and lovely to move around. The other ladies rezzed the kayaks as offered and off we went!

Horse riding these sims was amazing, but surely….exploring by kayak is something I can recommend everyone! So many sims to see, the lovely music on the stream and wildlife! We saw ducks, seagulls, whales and stingrays.

A great, fun evening and so easy to do with a group – it surely adds to the fun!
Girls Night Out: Kayaking - III


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