When an explorer has ‘the meh’…

Bloggers-block, having no inspiration, real-life distractions or just a simple and utter case of  ‘the meh’…I think everyone who has a blog, knows all those feelings.

I, too, experience it every now and then. And it is not because I cannot find places to explore, pics to take and what not…no no, I am doing all that, but simply: cannot get myself to sit and craft a proper blogpost.
When I was new to blogging and the first times this happened to me, I was upset…worried and got anxious. As in : ‘zOMG, I have not blogged in three days…I will lose readers, people may think I stopped blogging!’

Kiana's 8th rezday party - Bokeh Fireworks!
Danced all night at my friend Kiana’s 8th rezz-day party

After some years of blogging, in both real life and second life, I have come to terms with the occasional ‘meh’. It happens. It is okay. Nobody or their mesh-pets gets hurt if I do not blog for some days, or weeks even. But yeah, sometimes I need to remind myself of that.

So, what did I do then ..the past week, without blogging?

I explored! And made pics. Went to parties, had fun! But I still need to get myself to blogging about it. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it anyway!
I went to some events, dressed up, had more fun. Met some old friends, had chats for hours and the catching up was much needed and fulfilling. And, I fiddled with my looks, I also shopped and played dress-up doll.

[Elysion] Superheroes  - Kryptonite
Was Supergirl for Elysion’s Superheroes and Villains event
Wonderful entertainment and, here it comes: relaxing and enjoying SL.
I needed to  get out and smell the prims/meshes and not just to show it off  or blog about it. It was not only needed,  but also lovely. Just…lovely.

[Rain] Humidity's rising, barometer's gettin' low....
It’s raining men, a pic for a challenge with theme “rain”

Have a great, wonderful, stress-free and fulfilling weekend all!


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