SL12B, What Dreams May Come

Hard to miss, but in case you did: this weekend SL12B opened, 15 regions filled with resident-made expositions to celebrate Second Life’s 12th Anniversary.

From the press release:

Spanning 15 regions with over 200 exhibits and more than 600 performers, disk jockeys and speakers, SL12B is a showcase for the accomplishments and content of all SL residents, celebrating the anniversary of Second Life© leaving its initial beta in 2003.

Tonight I finally found the time to visit, a first visit of many, and I was in awe over the main stages…as I am every year.
Yes, I will go explore the rest, but today I went to see the epic Cake Stage, the seriously amazing Main DJ Stage and I also spent a lot of time in the welcome area, The Station.

This years theme is “What Dreams May Come” and luckily it is all festive and has nothing to do with the rather emotional Robin Williams movie with the same title!

As with these huge events, it is almost impossible to cover it in blogposts, you really have to experience it yourself, the regions will be open till 28yh June, but only this week it will be filled with (live) events and parties!
If you are interested in attending meetings with Lindens, who will talk about their work, plans and the future with residents, Becky has posted an overview with who and when here. Also, as she is planning to attend them all, she will post her notes too, so in case you miss it…just follow Becky!

SL12B - The Station - I

For all other events and SLURL’s here are some links to get you started:

SLB12 Official Website

SLB12 Flickr Pool, to look and to add your own pictures!

A Complete List with all SLURLs 

SLB12 Exhibitors with direct SLURLs

SLB12 Performance Schedule

As I blogged earlier this week, you can also participate in sharing your own ‘What Second Life Means to Me’ machinima, story, picture, in this forum thread by Xiola Linden, in which you will find by now a whole series of moving, touching, funny and beautiful stories!

And since I got all enthusiastic about making machinima and have been practicing all weekend, here a short clip of my visit today, practice hopefully makes some sort of perfect soon!




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  1. Becky says:

    Great video! You’re getting really good at this!

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