Apple Island, a raw exploring trip

By accident, while browsing the Marketplace for a necklace, I hit a ‘visit this item inworld’ button and since the viewer popped up the landmark I thought I might as well go see the item inworld!

The store I was browsing on MP was Imeka and once I teleported over inworld, I ended up in their mainstore on Apple Island. What a lovely surprise! A magical forest with lingering paths to a small, cute beach. Moonbeams and glittering trees allover and some sweet details here and there.

I never got to shop, but wandered about and since this was a surprise explore trip, I posted some photo’s directly on Flickr – only using ultra graphics, depth of field and the ‘miniature’ filter in the upload menu.

@ Apple Island
They turned out pretty..well, pretty and I think this is a great sim to pay a visit. And yes, I will go back for the necklace, it’s so much nicer to buy it in a cute shop and sim than to press the ‘buy now’ button on MP :)
  @ Apple Island
@ Apple Island


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