Girls Night Out : Wipe Out!

After our previous ‘Girls Night Outs’ in which we went horse-riding and kayaking, we thought it was about time we had another field trip with some action, drinks and chats!

So this time we decided to go surfing, a fun sport and so easy in SL – compared to the RL version! We (Becky, Kerena, Ylva, Kahleesi and yours truly) got into our most sexy..err no, most convenient! beachwear and met for some serious wave-riding in Maoli Waves. After trying out some boards (free rezzers, so a perfect night out for anyone on a budget) and practicing the controls – which is so simple really, we surfed like a boss for almost an hour.
Now it may seem short and yeah, time flies, but when you are surfing there is not much else you can do but: surf. Well and bump into eachother on the same wave. It is lovely though and for some reason surfing in SL always gives me a thrill!

Good times and great fun, we lost some bikini’s, hair, ears and boards…hit some sharks and admired each others skills. Maoli Waves is great place to surf but to be honest, there is not much else and after the action we really wanted a place to sit, relax and chat.
Girls Night Out - Surfing - I  Girls Night Out - Surfing - IV

Girls Night Out - Surfing VI

Girls Night Out - Wipe Out!So we went to Kona Beach where we sat in a hot tub and chatted for hours. Girls stuff. What a wonderful, fun filled Sunday night! I will let the pictures I took speak for themselves, thanks ladies!   Girls Night Out - After surfing - II


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  1. Becky says:

    This was really a lot of fun. And yes, it’s amazing how quickly our skills improved :) Great pictures, Caity. So glad you take the time to capture the moments!

  2. Ylva says:

    Had a wonderful time with you and the girls, Caity! Looking forward to next time :)

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