When my friend Kerena pointed me to Valyria, Calas Galadhon’s Halloween 2015 sim, I was a bit hesitant to go there. Not that I thought it wouldn’t be well made, but well:…Halloween. Not my thing. Never was, never will be.

However, to my delight Valyria is not your ordinary, filled with ghosts-and-pumpkin-zombie sim. Nope. I would dare say it should be online all year, as this place is a wonderful fantasy location, with so many cool details and things to see, admire and explore. Even for those who, like me, do not care about Halloween.

Valyria - II

Forget Halloween.
Go to Valyria and take the (boat)tour, do the Quest (all information is on the landing-point) and/or take pics! It is amazing!

Valyria - I

A gorgeous location for all, seriously: go visit! Really!
Valyria - III


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  1. Love your photo Cait! I totally agree, Valyria is beautiful and not that much Halloween (I’m not a fan either).

  2. stunning images Cait! I will visit!

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