Thanks to the beautiful images on Flickr and blogpost by Kate Bergdorf, I travelled to Sweden this afternoon! To Furillen to be exact. A desolate, ice-cold, snowy island – which used to be a limestone factory but is now abandoned and empty.

Furillen’s owner, Serene Footman, did a lovely job in creating the atmosphere of an abandoned industrial island, with buildings, some trees and the odd shovel and truck. A place to wander around and wonder what has happened to this place and where the people went…. And of course wonderful for photography! (It is possible to rezz props, autoreturn is set to 15 minutes).

Furillen - I

Furillen - II

I’ve spent some hours enjoying the details and the wide views, but regretted I wasn’t dressed for this weather! So put on your ski-jacket, boots, hat and scarf and enjoy this cool place! And if you take pics, do not forget to add them to the Furillen Flickrgroup :)
Furillen - III


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kate Bergdorf says:

    Great shots, Cait! Thanks for the reblog. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Brrrrrrr, I’m cold now! Great shots, Cait.

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