The Ghost Town by MadPea

Yesterday MadPea launched their new (free to play!) game in Secondlife, a collaboration with Firestorm for their new Community Gateway Project: The Ghost Town.  The gateway and game, are catering to new residents – helping them in learning how to use Second Life and hopefully make them interested enough to stay!
Luckily, The Ghost Town is not exclusively for new residents: everyone can play and win the prizes!

I’ve always enjoyed MadPea’s games and surely I will give this new hunt/game a full try soon, today I have visited it to look around and make some pictures – it is, as expected from MadPea – very photogenic!

The Ghost Town by MadPea - III

To my surprise I was asked a while ago to create a pack of poses, as game-prize and since it was a bit short term and keeping in mind this will be visited by new residents, I have a set of funny poses and a tutorial on how to create a profile picture in The Ghost Town Prize room and on MadPea’s website here you can see the other prizes!

The Ghost Town by MadPea - II

For more information about the game, please read this ‘how to play‘ on the MadPea website

The Ghost Town by MadPea - I

If you like games or not, The Ghost Town is worth a visit anyway, just beause it looks so well made!



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