Location in the Spotlight: The Trace Too

Another post in my series “Location in the Spotlight”!

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This month I am happy to feature The Trace Too, one of the sims in SL that have seasonal changes and never disappoint – and also: it is very photographer/blogger friendly, so a good reason to ask owner/landscaper/decorator Kylie Jaxxon to tell us a bit more about her The Trace Too!

The Trace ‘The Trace’ by Naomi Renfold

First of all I want to thank Kylie for taking the time for this interview and of course for creating The Trace Too for all of us to enjoy!

So, Kylie, could you, in a nutshell, tell us what the name The Trace Too  means and/or why your sim is called that?
Kylie “By definition, a trace means, ” A path or trail that has been beaten out by the passage of animals or people.”  This has always intrigued me: a little spit of land, densely forested, with a single trail…

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