Ironwood Hills – revisited

Almost a year ago I blogged about Ironwood Hills, an urban roleplay sim, and today I returned – after I got a notice that the sim re-opened after a total rebuild! I enjoyed Ironwood Hills a lot last year, so I was curious on how it looks now.

Ironwood Hills - II

Not disappointed at all! The city of Ironwood Hills is partially flooded – beware of sharks! – and deserted. On the hilltop is an old school, some sad appartmentbuildings and in the area on the way down a creepy motel.

Ironwood Hills - I
Upon arrival you are handed a mesh flashlight, so you can navigate in the rainy night (yeah, bring an umbrella, it rains non stop). Because the darkness would make the pics a bit too difficult to show the sim, I used a more ‘bright’ windlight for this blogpost.

The roleplay part of Ironwood Hills isn’t finished yet, but it is surely a very cool sim to explore anyway!

If you go visit and take pictures, do not forget to add them to the Ironwood Hills Flickr group :)



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