While overhere in Holland it is still Autumn, and not the romantic colourful kind we have in Second Life but the dirty, brownish mud-like kind we have to deal with in real life..the lands in Second Life are slowly turning into snow landscapes. It won’t be long before the Christmas decorations will appear and you jingle bell from sim to sim (though I hope this will take a few weeks, please!).

Groenland Kangamiut -II

So. Snow. It is here. And there. And soon it is everywhere! Not that I do not like snow or winter, in fact I love it! Tonight I went to visit Groenland Kangamiut, as IASWAS is now called, the home of Kaelyn Alecto and Gorba Mcmahon who have created once again a magnificent place to explore. Inspired by Greenland, this place is tranquil, snowy, and a perfect spot to relax, look around and take pictures.

Groenland Kangamiut -IV - a blogpost

There is a lot to see, so one visit won’t be enough to take it all in. Luckily there are hot beverages to keep you warm while sitting on a bench or after sledding downhill!

Groenland Kangamiut -III - A blogpost


Slurl to Groenland Kangamiut
IASWAS Flickrgroup



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  1. Love it!! Thank you!

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