Mother Road

INKtober ended, Halloween is over and today I removed myself as owner/manager from the [SL Blogger Support] group, being now a regular member again till the group will close its doors on 1 december.

A perfect evening to go out in Second Life and explore a destination I had not been to before. Mainly to empty my head and get rid of the somewhat sad feeling I had when I hit the button to change my role – including leaving the Support Team group,  removing my name as Team-member on the [SL Blogger Support] website, updating my profile and going to the inworld HQ to pick up my stuff. I made the right decision, but that doesn’t mean it was not with a heavy heart.

Mother road - I - A blogpost

Anyway. I went to Mother Road – Mirage Motel 66 – owned and created by Paul Cutter (Xtreme.Paule). A place described in the land information as “a lovingly crafted Nevada-esque back country, inspired by the original Mother Road sim.” Because I have never been to Nevada, or on Route 66, I googled a bit and found some nice background information about this famous road in real life. I have provided some links to interesting articles at the end of this blog-post, in case you got curious!

Mother road - II -  A blogpost

Mother Road in Second Life is a wonderful place for photography, it is spacious, open and as far as I can judge it does give the feel of Route 66, including the Motel. Also a nice change from the pumpkin patches and haunted houses, zombies and witchy places Second Life has been filled with the past weeks. No I don’t dislike Halloween, but it just is not a big deal, if at all, overhere and a month of Halloween and spooky stuff is more than enough for me. A week would be enough too, but hey, that’s me!

It is good to have places to unwind without being pushed into the next holiday season, filled with ‘First Snow!’ and ‘Baby it’s cold outside’ opportunities!  (note to self: plan the obligatory lingerie-in-the-snow-pic soon).

Mother Road, you will want to visit it! My photo’s do not show all there is to explore, which hopefully gives you a reason to hop over to the desert and see it with your own eyes! Enjoy and do not forget, if you take pictures, to add them to the Mother Road Flickr group!

Mother road - III - A blogpost

Mother Road is a Moderate sim, the inworld group costs 100 L$ to join, and will give you rights to rez photoprops. If you need something special for a photo-shoot you can always contact the owner, Paul Cutter.


Slurl to Mother Road – Mirage Motel 66
Mother Road on Flickr

Real life:
Mother Road on Wikipedia
National Historic Route 66 Federation
A nice travel blog by National Geographic


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