Dranopia – The Lost World

Last week I visited Dranopia, but was so busy looking around – being amazed – that I did not really took the time to take pics and write a blog about it, but made an LM and decided to go back for more!
This morning I did and really enjoyed it, again!

Dranopia – The Lost World is a sim filled with (breedable) Dragons! Made from sculpties, much like the rest of the landscape. Beautiful mushrooms and rocks! Although it is a commercial place, one is supposed to shop for Dragons, I am not at all interested in buying or breeding Dragons, the sim is very photogenic and one can easily avoid the vendors!

I love this place to play around with shadows and windlightsettings, the little Dragons do not move so they make perfect models!
It is divided in 4 themes: Air, Earth, Water and Fire – including Dragons to fit the environment.

Simply gorgeous! I spend over an hour, wandering around and took so many pics! I will post a few here, and will add: none of the pics is processed in photoshop other than cropped and my frame/sig added.
(I used shadows in high graphics, WL: midday 4 and pushed the rendervolumeLOD to 4 to get the sculpties perfect).

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