The Bridges Of ImperiuM Island

This weekend I picked up all the trees, grass, rocks and other decorations on ImperiuM Island, getting it empty for the big move to our new home.

I did it properly, so not to mess up my inventory!, and all in all it took me over 3 hours. Well, yes…I also took the time to take pics and sit about a bit, thinking of the good times we have had here!

All that is left now, in this wasteland that was a lush place a couple of days ago, are Ratt’s buildings, including the bridges. I have always loved our bridges!

Summer 2011
Last photo before picking up the trees....
The Bridges of ImperiuM Island
The canyon is gone...

I had to get some extra days for the sim, to give Ratt time to re-model one of the buildings for the move and pick up what is left. The official move will be end of this week, till then..I have a whole empty sim to play with :p.


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