Shall we dance?

When I checked out Azul this evening, I got a notice about a new release, I immediately fell for a wonderful gown in the colour ‘mandarin’..not the new release I went to see, but a the Jadhe Gown – designed for Miss Brazil 2013.


Orange is one of my favourite colours in SL (well and in RL too!) and I specially love the flower attachments that come with this dress. Azul is by the way the only designer from who I dare to wear the system-skirts….they fit and her flexi skirts are simply magnificent – no mesh gown has beaten them yet! The flowers come in these ‘natural’ colours as I am wearing but also in a monochrome version.


I went to take pics for this blogpost in Eryn Vorn, a wonderful nature sim and part of the Calas Galadhon estate. Beautifully landscaped with offsim mountain ranges and plateau’s surrounded by water, on which there are intan couple dances all over for a romantic date. But, needless to say this place is great for exploring, wandering around and taking pics as well.


I listened to one of my favourite songs by Malcolm Mclaren while doing the ‘photo shoot’ and writing this blog post, I seemed appropriate :).

Shall we dance like they did in that movie
Shall we dance
You and I
Or should we just pretend it’s our first scene
Take a chance
When that last image fades
From the screen

* Dress – Jadhe in Mandarin by Azul
* Hair – Dawson in Swedish by Truth
* Tiara by Earth Stones
* Poses by !Musa – available per 20 April on the Fantasy Faire 2013


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