Fantasy Faire 2013 – a sneaky preview….

The Fantasy Faire 2013 will open tomorrow, but I am privileged to have a sneak preview – and today was the day. Together with Ginger (she is a an official blogger as well, check out her blog for Fantasy Faire items!), I visited the Magnificat sim,  sponsored, landscaped and designed by Alia Baroque, of Fallen Gods Inc.
I find it …awesome! The majestic buildings, the atmosphere, the canals with the sailing-boats…….really cool! The shops are located in the buildings, but it certainly will be worthwhile to spend some time enjoying the sim as a whole!

I cannot wait to explore the other 8 sims! More information on vendors and events you can find on the official Fantasy Faire website. For a full list with stores and designers on the Magnificat sim, click here!

Ginger and Caity feeling all VIP!
Ginger and Caity feeling all VIP!



And if you have a minute….please watch this amazing video by Draxtor – the Drax Files, a breathtaking impression of this sim!

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