Happiness is liberty

Earlier this week I ended up in a wonderful place, a new entry in the photogenic section of the Destination Guide, with the poetic name: Happiness is Liberty. The sim is tastefully decorated with a bit of everything: a long coastline with a sandy/rocky beach, a magnificent forest where you can easily get lost, field of grass for a panoramic view and a small street with a church. Surrounded by an offsim mountain range this place is perfect for all kinds of photoshoots, wandering around or just sit and relax and enjoy the views!

This morning, when going back for a SLURL to put into this blogpost, I ran into the owner, Senna, who was cruising around on his motorbike, and after a nice chat he generously added me to his group so I can rezz poses and props! Yay!

Happiness_001 Happiness_002

Happiness_003 Happiness_004



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