Fantasy Faire 2013 – Crimson Fields

So many sims, so little time! Reason for a second blog-post today, as I am really trying to cover all the amazing sims of the Fantasy Faire before the event ends (28th April, so you still have time left to go have a look and/or shop).

This afternoon I went to Crimson Fields. I must admit, I thought Titans Hollow was a challenge for photography…..Crimson Fields is too, maybe even more. Maybe that is because I always want to feature the place itself and try to keep the neighbouring sims out of sight, which in this particular case was not an easy task.
Crimson Fields is created and sponsored by Laufey Markstein from T R I D E N T and it is..well a field. Covered in red roses and surrounded by a wall of rocks on which the shops are located. There is a really huge tower made of rocks at the end of the sim, and smaller one with a rose-covered cage on top at one of the sides. It sure is Crimson and it sure is a field!

An edit :  I was pointed to the blog of Softpaw Sommer, in which she explains that this sim is inspired on the Dark Tower series from Stephen King. Shame on me…I am a huge fan of Stephen King, but..ahem…his Dark Tower series aren’t my favourites and I have only read one or two. (Is that a good enough excuse….cough cough!)

I could not resist  purchasing a lovely gown at The Muses (see last pic in this post, it is an RFL item) while zooming and running around, it’s lovely and even though it may be fantasy, it certainly will look good on an evening out dancing. It comes with a mesh cloak, which I am not wearing on the pic.




For a full store list on Crimson Fields, click here.


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  1. softpaw says:

    That first shot is just AMAZING! Love it!

    1. Aw thanks Softpaw! I was just editting this post and linking to yours – with the background of the Dark Tower series from Stephen King! I had no idea…bad, bad me! :)

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