Fantasy Faire 2013 – Fairelands Junction

Technically I should have started my coverage of the Fantasy Faire on the Fairelands Junction, as this is the main landing point of the event and it has the portals to all other sims. Portals, wonderfully made in trees!

The Faireland Junctions is a magical forest, very lush and filled with colourful flowers. It is designed by Saiyge Lotus and sponsored by Oceania Breedables.

When you get there, you automatically land in front of the portals, but it is very much worthwhile to take some time and step away and have a walk through the forest, to the pond with a beautiful waterfall and – after all it is a RFL event – the ‘Vale of Remembrances’,  a tasteful wall around the pond, with candles burning, a lovely spot for some quiet reflections and well…remembrances.

Fairelands Junction II Fairelands Junction III Fairelands Junction IV

I felt all fairytale -like when I wandered around in this painting like forest, so I wore a wonderful gown from Evie’s Closet and hair by Wasabi Pills (both to be found on the Magnificat sim), completed it with my elf-ears from Lemon Tea (the pose on the pic is by Musa!) and then an 80’s song popped in my head….(from a popular Dutch Band back then)

In a sleeping world nothing seems absurd
Fortune fairy-tales rolling by in a frame
When you wake it has passed and gone

Fairelands Junction I


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