Fantasy Faire 2013 – Evensong Woods

Another rainy and grey day over here in The Netherlands, and since my neighbour found it necessary to do some home improvement with the loudest.drill.ever. starting at 7AM…I was up early and decided to visit Evensong Woods, another beautiful sim in the Fantasy Faire 2013, pretending not to hear the drilling and sawing next door.

Evensong Woods is created and sponsored by Searlait Nitschke from Roawenwood and it is lovely. The shops are all located in the tree tops of these woods, connected with wooden walkways. Naturally, as I always do, I jumped over the railings and landed on the ground, in a magical forest filled with blue mushrooms and some lovely ponds and streams. Oh, luckily  I shopped last night (yay for first time since Faire opened!) and thought the dress I got from Fatewear and the wasabi Pills hair perfect to wear while exploring this place, what a great way to start the day. Well, besides the drill.



So proud LL has chosen this as Pic of The Day:


For a full list of shops on this sim, click here.

As for my outfit on the last pic: The dress from FATEwear can be found on Titans Hollow and Wasabi Pills, for the hair,  on Magnificat. Both are RFL Items.


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