Fantasy Faire 2013 – Ravenshard

‘It’s a cartoon world!’ is one of the phrases my friend Ratt would shout at me when I got all depressed or too excited and so on about stuff happening in SL. He is right, ya know..

Today I visited the Ravenshard sim on the Fantasy Faire, and ‘it’s a cartoon world!’ Wow and yeaaaaah, for Fantasy! This sim is designed and sponsored by Mayah Parx from Epic Toy Factory, and oooh my is it epic or what?

Tim Burton comes to mind, together with Willy Wonka….a delightful place to stroll around and let it sink in. Remember: It’s a cartoon world!’.

Ravenshard - II

Ravenshard - I

Ravenshard - IV

Ravenshard - III

For a full store list on Ravenshard, click here!

Also very much worthwhile: the 50 seconds of  Draxtor’s quick impression of this magical place:


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