Fantasy Faire 2013 – The DragonSpire

With this blog-post  I have now covered all sims of the Fantasy Faire 2013! The coming days, the Faire runs till 29th April, I will for sure go back to them for…well, maybe some more pics and some shopping!
Before the Faire started I promised myself to visit each sim and cover them on my blog and oh my… did I enjoy doing this!
I will be honest though and admit I have some favourites….that is normal, as there is such a variety in styles and designs, it is almost impossible to really love all!

The DragonSpire was a true challenge to cover for me. For one, this sims theme is not really my kinda thing and two: it is a huge cave – sim wide – and that makes it so hard to take decent pictures as it is impossible to vary with windlights, nor can you use shadows properly. Well, I mean: *I* had trouble with that, maybe other people find it easy! And all I want to do in this blog is show the nice stuff, the beauty and show off the hard work and creativity  the designers/builders put into all this, for us!

The DragonSpire is created by Khyle Sion and sponsored by The Arcanum and consists of 3 levels in total! You land on the groundfloor, inside the cave which is filled with the shops (click here for a store list) and also crystals allover. The crystals reminded  me a bit of the Linden Realms! When you jump in the hole in the middle you end up in the Grotto, a maze of tunnels – again filled with shiny crystals – and a pond.
Now, I was walking around, trying to snap the crystals but wasn’t happy with my pictures and so I flew up to get some fresh air and to have a look around the outside of the cave.
And there it was……..the view on the roof made me a w00t and  YAY! What a view! I love this!

Dragon Spire - I

Dragon Spire - II


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