I never knew!

What? Well, that is was so much fun to dress up as an Elf!
It started with ears…then the Fantasy Faire started and I got  a dress, and another one…and then today I found this outfit and before I knew it, I became an Elf of the Woods. Or something. OK, I am not a roleplayer and I am usually not even into Fantasy-things, but I like this look and am not bored with it yet. Isn’t that cool about SL, you can be what you want and when you want with one single click on outfits!

caverna obscura_002

caverna obscura_001

– Dress, flowers, bracelets and boots come as a complete (mesh) outfit, sold as a single RFL item, by Caverna Obsura in the Lotus Valley Dream sim of the Fantasy Faire 2013.
– Hair is from Wasabi Pills (Selene in Seafoam), available at the Fantasy Faire 2013 on the Magnificat sim
–  Ears from Lemon Tea
– Pose by Musa –  available on the Fantasy Faire 2013 – Magnificat

Pictures shot on location in the Fantasy Faire, Fairelands Junction, using the latest Firestorm viewer with all bells and whistles enabled (hence no photoshopping needed other than a tiny bit of sharpening my face, blurring the alpha layer-line my hair caused with the background and adding signature and frame.)  This is how the raw, uneditted version looks like, not bad at all!


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  1. Uccello says:

    Lovely pictures! The soft edge glow in the first picture is just perfect. While I have elven ears for myself, when I feel the need to be really magical, though, I log in as one of my pixy alts. It’s amazing how a set of ears can transform a person.

    1. Thanks Uccie, the glow was a bit of an accident – well at least not on purpose – but I decided to leave it :). And yeah, it is fun what a couple of ears do to an avatar! Well, and personally I think this hair works well with the look too!

  2. Bumblebee says:

    I love what you’ve done with your elf! fantastic!

    1. Thank you Bumblebee :))

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