For role-players and everyone else!

One of the nice things about the SL Profile feeds is, well for me, that so many people share their findings of nice places, funny destinations, great shops and events – things I may otherwise not find out about…or too late.

This morning I stumbled upon a snapshot posted by Dragonna Swords, wearing a lovely gown, and in her comments a link to her blogpost about a new event: ‘We <3 Love Role Play‘. I had to check that one out!
Not that I am a role-player, but the idea of a kind of Collabor88 or The Dressing Room but then catering to role-play seemed interesting enough.
And I did not get dissapointed, the sim is lovely decorated and the shops are all located in a lush, green park. Very nice to walk around. In the shops you will find all things you need to dress up for Gorean, Medieval, Roman, Fairies and whatnot, including accesoires, furniture and weapons, all specially priced for the I Love Role Play event!

After I had a good look around I took some pics, and ahem yeah..I shopped too: I found a cute blue fairy dress with flowers from Evie’s Closet, and thought it matched my elf ears very well :).





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