Someone’s Princess

A long, long time ago, in a land without mountains but with many rivers, there lived a little girl who called herself Princess Caity.

Her father was the local plumber and taught this little Princess the art of sorting nails, screws and bolts in his workshop when she was only 8 years old. Dressed up in her pink and glittery Princess-dress, made by her mother, she would spend hours on Saturdays helping her father in his workshop.  And while she sorted the nails, screws and bolts and put them in their boxes, her mind wandered off to another land…a land in which she was truly a Princess and of course there was a handsome Prince involved as well.

And every now and then, when her mind was too far away in this beautiful other land, where forests were deep, mountains high and pirate-ships arrived, she would hear her father laughing at her and saying: ‘Caity, sweetheart, of course you are someone’s Princess and I am sure your Prince is out there waiting for you. But I am also sure he wants you to be a good girl too, so pay attention because now  you have to get the nails out of the boxes with screws again….’

Needless to say,  I always believed my father and I still do. And while I don’t sort nails and screws anymore,  I am someone’s Princess :)Princess_001_1024px


* Gown + Crown (complete outfit with boots) by Dirty Princess
* Hair: Wasabi Pills – Selene
* Ears: Lemon Tea
Pictures shot on location The Dragon Empire of Uhre


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