Splintered Rock

While roaming the grid at night, as rusty Android, I ‘found’ the six (!!) regions of Splintered Rock, or: Al Raqis, Dunes of Mu-Draconis. How come I have missed this all that time, since it is not even new but at least 2 years old!
Splintered Rock is designed for roleplay, there is a HUD available for some sort of mining-game, but all are welcome and when I was there I had all six sims for myself, I never know whether this means the place is just not popular or if it is my time-zone!
It is a futuristic, sci-fi, place, a city with landing-pads for air-crafts of all sorts and mostly it is desert! Endless desert!
And oddly enough that was the part I loved most…as I am not so much into high tech buildings or flying spaceships, so I wandered through the deserted deserts and had a great time! The region asks for permission to switch your viewer to the region’s windlight, but I was not too impressed with that and played with my own :).

A cool place to explore, and be amazed at the HUGE statue of the “Knife of the World”….!

Splintered Rock_002 Splintered Rock_003Splintered Rock_001


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