Ison is a, well to me, well-known brand for ladies fashion – yet…this is not a fashion-post! I was looking for a skirt, and browsing on the Marketplace when I changed my mind and thought it would be nicer to check out Ison’s  main-store inworld, I had never been there before as I usually bought their clothes on collabor88 or FaMeshed.

To my delight it turned out that Ison has their main-store on a whole sim, with (duh) the shop building located the middle of a desert. Yes, a desert again – pure coincidence, but lovely, with some wildlife,  tumbleweeds and an endless view over mountains!
Instead of shopping I spent some time looking around and taking pictures…oh err, okay…I bought a skirt too :P.

Places like this make shopping inworld such a nice experience and it was a reminder to myself to do it more often.



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