Between two sims

Last night I was exploring and found a landmark to Hanzo Blades in one of my Samurai folders. I went to check it out and yeah, it is still there…although I could not remember the shop – probably because they do not sell the combat-system I used. Anyway, nice shop, great building in Asian style!

When I walked outside, just to see what else there was in the neighbourhood I got totally blown away….by the bridge that connects this sim with the neighbouring sim.


These two sims are the home sims of Hanzo Blades, Dirty Linx and Prefabrica and they are connected with a bridge. Well or not connected, depending how you see it :). I forgot all about the shops and spent quite a bit of time looking at, over and under this awesome structure and taking pics of it. You must go see it, it is better than it looks on my photo’s!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. HIppie says:

    OH Wow Caity! Fantastic!

  2. JupiShinn™ says:

    Sometimes Like isn’t enough. Fantastic photos. :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree, these are stunning :) ♥

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