This morning I woke up, floating around in a deserted space-station…..It took me a minute to find the button to restore gravity and had a look around. There was nobody here….


Then I heard a strange noise behind me and when I turned around I stood eye to ‘eye’ with a dangerous Dalek! Eeek! He wanted to exterminate me! Good thing I happened to carry a sonic screwdriver and quickly exterminated him. Hah!


I saved the day!


Editted: well, that’s funny….just when I was making this blogpost, Strawberry Singh published her new Monday Meme for this week, about creating your SL Filmposter with your favourite movie. Now this post and my adventure of today doesn’t include a poster for Dr Who, but I will consider this a participation anyway: Caitlin Exterminates!


T-shirt: by Geek-A-Doodles
Sonic Screwdriver by Whovian Outfitters
Dalek by Ultrateque

Location: Machinima Open Studio Project, check out their website too!


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  1. Definitely a participation! Great post! <3

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