Supergirls don’t cry

Last night I went to fitness, first time after a week of rest ordered by the doctor – to get some of my injuries healed properly after an..ahem… unfortunate incident a weekend ago.
It was good, I must say I really missed the sessions! So, even though I still had to be careful with some exercises – it was a great workout and it was good to be back in the gym and sweat it all out!
On the drive back home – feeling all my abs and other muscles protesting with every move –  I listened to the radio, I always have mine tuned on an 80’s and 90’s  station, and they played ‘Supergirl’ by Reamonn. I always loved that song and it seemed so appropriate at this moment, for all kind of reasons.  And yeah, I sang the lyrics out loud, my own interpretation even :).

It inspired me to blog this.


‘You can tell by the way she walks
That she’s his girl.
You can tell by the way
She talks she woos the world.
You can see in her eyes
That no one is her change
She’s his girl,
His supergirl’


‘And then she’d say
That nothing can go wrong
When you’re in love
What can be wrong?
And then she’d laugh
The night time into day
Pushing her fear
Further alone’


‘Yeah she’s a supergirl,
A supergirl
His supergirl

Corset and pants – part of the Dirty Princess ‘Super Beauty’ mesh outfit (it comes with lots more, as cuffs, boots and all)
Jewelry by Mandala
Hair from Truth – Elody Blonde
Elf ears by Lemon Tea
Mesh feet by GOS (arched)
Mesh hands from SLink

Pics shot at location: The Forgotten City


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