The 24

On this lovely sunny, and probably last real summer day here in Holland, I was up early and was on a mission! The 24 opened today, four sims with lots of exclusive items for home & garden and  fashion for men and women! All shops have one exclusive item of which they only sell 100 pieces, so you may have to hurry to not miss them.Besides that there are many cacha’s too, for those addicted to the machines :). The 24 will run till 31th August.

The four sims each have their own, bright!, colour (Blue for men, Pink for women, that is easy!) and near the landing point you will find maps so you can look up the spot of the shops you are most interested in, in case you do not wish to walk the whole place. It was slightly laggy for me, the sims were crowded as it goes with events like this, so I had to wait some minutes for the buildings to fully rez for a nice picture, but I confess:  some parts stayed blurry, which I hate… my apologies for posting a not-so-good picture this time, but I really wanted to show how it looks!


As said, I was on a mission, I really wanted the Cheeky Pea Nook Window seat, only 100 for sale on this event and after this it will not be available,  and thank goodness Cheeky Pea is located near the landingpoint, on the green sim, so that didn’t took me long, phew! The window-seat is not cheap (LS 3.500) and I hesitated for a bit, but then…oh well, my home is still as good as empty and this seat has a great feature I love: the window has a view and you can choose the season! You get two versions in the package: PG and Adult and it has tons of poses in it. I placed mine in front of an existing window, which has no view anyway – other than looking at the rocks….and now I have a seat with a proper view in my home!


Being all happy with this purchase and how it looks in my house, I went back and also bought a new dress, from Indyra Originals – which is also a one of 100 exclusive. I am wearing it with GOS shoes, EMO*tions hair (Tyra in snow), glasses from Yummy, jewellry from Mandala and a handbag from Amarelo Manga. Mission completed, time for coffee!



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