After the Fall

After the Fall is a ‘ dark urban’ roleplay sim (adult) but they have reasonable rules – all available at the landingpoint – making it pretty easy to just explore if you are, like me, not into actual role-playing. The story is : after a meteor crashed on Earth, spiders have taken over and now three factions are trying to survive. Well, that is in a nutshell, if you are in to role-playing, you should of course read their full story/comic book!

Also, besides fully participating you can complete some Quests on your own, or with a friend, a free HUD is available and it seems a nice way to explore the city, I tried but ahem…failed, I am just not made for games and quests….Do not let my lack of skills keep you from trying though! After the Fall is a well made sim, urban, and looks fantastic! I spend some time looking around and taking pictures – while doing my best to avoid the roleplayers :).

After the fall_001 After the fall_003 After the fall_004

I did not find any specific rules on outfits, so I felt safe enough walking around in my Doll avatar for my field trip! I am wearing D!va hair and Yummy Glasses, the Doll (monster hands and elf ears are separate extras)  and her clothes are all from DOLL COCO.

After the fall_005


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  1. I missed seeing you in this style! Welcome back Caity! <3

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