Lennon Park Massacre

The Lennon Park Massacre Hunt is a new, gridwide, hunt made by MadPea and when I saw this listed new in the Destination Guide I could not wait to visit! MadPea always has great, amazingly detailed locations for their hunts and even if you are not into the hunt itself: this Lennon Park is a joy to see and excellent for photography – once again MadPea does not disappoint!

If you are new to MadPea’s hunts, they works with a HUD, and all information can be found at the landingpoint, pretty straight forward. I have done a few of their hunts in the past and always found them perfect to do with a friend and ‘play’ with the theme while hunting, it’s excellent to dress all up for the occasion to add something to the experience, but of course you can do it alone as well!

I spent some time exploring Lennon Park, an abandoned summercamp – closed after a terrible deadly accident with a bus full of teenagers……

Lennon Park_001 Lennon Park_002 Lennon Park_003


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    Thank you so much for blogging my build!

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