Now it seems summer in RL is really over, the past two days the thunderstorms and rainshowers arrived, I still am not in the mood for Autumn. Not in real life and not in Second Life. I am just not ready for it!

So this morning I went to visit a jungle, nice and warm…with sun, beaches and a lush green (rain hah!) forest. Descent is one of the four sims in the (Adult)  Dirty Rythms  Resort. The centerpiece of Descent is an ancient Maya Temple, or well..the ruins thereof, and what I really liked is how the fogs hangs over the tree-tops, giving it a real jungle and mysterious look and feel!
In and around the ruins you find other nice, secluded, spots to hang out and enjoy the environment or spend time with a friend/lover. But even if you are not into ‘adult  activities’ (although it is nice to have a location for e.g. nude photography)  it is a lovely place for exploring and simply enjoy the environment.

Descent_001 Descent_002 Descent_003



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