Serenity Gardens

Fairly new in the Destination Guide is Serenity Gardens, an enchanted forest and more: caves, a river and shores! It is also home of the mainstore of Savoir Faire Poses and Shapes, but that is in the sky and the groundlevel is for all to explore and enjoy.

I really love the ‘bubbles’ in the trees you see first thing when you arrive! It is magic :). Due to this being in the Destination Guide it was very busy when I visited it, and crowded with new residents (piling up at landing point), who were collectively lost in this new to them virtual world (I have never had so many requests for private voicecalls from strangers in my whole SL as during my one hour visit to Serenity Gardens! Ack!).
So, you may want to check the map first to see how many people there are before you hop over, because it is worth a visit!

Savoir Faire_001 Savoir Faire_002 Savoir Faire_003


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