Silent Hills

Silent Hills is the home of Timber Wild Industries, a store specialising in Feral Avatars, and besides the store (in which the landingpoint is located) it is a beautiful forest designed for (optional) Feral Roleplay. There is also a sandbox (4 hours return). There are some rules, which are pretty straight forward, and everyone is welcome to explore this lovely place – as long as you do not interrupt roleplayers. Makes sense!

I like how the place is set up, there are sandy beaches to start with and the higher you get…the more it changes. From dark rocks and green forests to eventually a snowy mountaintop, very nice!

Silent Hills - I Silent Hills - II Silent Hills - III


5 thoughts on “Silent Hills

      1. Really? I didn’t know Skye was working on Winter, but that sounds fantastic! We can’t go too winter wonderland at the Basilique as it’s set in Northern Italy at sea level… but I have a feeling we wont be able to resist a light snow dusting and perhaps a little ice on the lake…. ice skating anyone?

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