Silent Hills

Silent Hills is the home of Timber Wild Industries, a store specialising in Feral Avatars, and besides the store (in which the landingpoint is located) it is a beautiful forest designed for (optional) Feral Roleplay. There is also a sandbox (4 hours return). There are some rules, which are pretty straight forward, and everyone is welcome to explore this lovely place – as long as you do not interrupt roleplayers. Makes sense!

I like how the place is set up, there are sandy beaches to start with and the higher you get…the more it changes. From dark rocks and green forests to eventually a snowy mountaintop, very nice!

Silent Hills - I Silent Hills - II Silent Hills - III


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  1. Becky says:

    Ooh, that looks so inviting! I’m been trying to find a place that does a wintery feel right in SL, and from the pics this looks very, very close!

    1. It is only this spot on the sim that is wintery..I bet you cannot wait till Skye releases his winter stuff too eh? I’ve seen pics on Ziki’s blog and it looks sooooo gorgeous!

      1. Becky says:

        Really? I didn’t know Skye was working on Winter, but that sounds fantastic! We can’t go too winter wonderland at the Basilique as it’s set in Northern Italy at sea level… but I have a feeling we wont be able to resist a light snow dusting and perhaps a little ice on the lake…. ice skating anyone?

        1. OMG! Yeah okay, not your theme maybe but gawd….the things Skye is preparing for this winter…omgomgomg. I drool at these sneaky previews:

  2. kyliejaxxon says:

    Beautiful, Caity!! I, too, am anxiously awaiting SS winter stuff :P

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