Candy Candy Candy…

Oddly enough, the more fairs, events and sales there are…the less I feel like shopping….I have no idea why this is happening, maybe I suffer from overkill?

Nevertheless I went to see the Candy Fair 2013 that is going on at the moment, 3 sims filled with shops and the items are all somewhat candy-related, very colourful. I liked looking around – not surprising, since I have a weak spot for cartoon-worlds like this – , it is a funny set-up with all the buildings made of candy, even the ‘trees’ are sweet and a chocolate river meanders over the three sims.

Candy Candy Candy - I Candy Candy Candy - II Candy Candy Candy - III

Of course I ended up with a purchase…I found this top and shorts with strawberry cupcakes too sweet to ignore, they are from Osito which you can find on the Sugar Valley sim.
Candy Candy Candy - IV

The song I was listening to when preparing this blog-post was kind of appropriate, I always loved this song – Candy by Iggy Pop –  and I think I will play it a couple of times today :)


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