The 1920’s Berlin – Revisited

It’s been almost two years since I blogged about The 1920’s Berlin Project, in meanwhile I have visited a couple of times though, and when I read that Jo has recently added two homesteads with parks and nature to the big city (which is the main sim), I knew I really needed to have a look!

The 1920’s Berlin Project has rules though, so if you want to go explore (all are welcome!) be prepared to dress according the theme. It makes perfect sense, as not to ruin the ambiance for yourself and the people who actually live there in the 1920’s! If you do not wish to spend any money on a vintage look, no worry: you land in shopping street where, besides shops with appropriate clothes, you will also find a variety of freebies for men, women and children! After getting dressed up, you can take the train to the actual sims!
(As you see on the picture below, I removed my elf-ears and demon-hands for my trip this morning, credits on what I am wearing are at bottom of this post.)

Berlin 20's - I

The park is just lovely and a typical suburb, so no romantic wild forest-type but with straight lanes and everything nice and tidy. Also, you will see some homes, I did not look into those as people were present, but just enjoyed a sunday morning stroll in this Berlin Autumn!

Berlin 20's - II Berlin 20's - IV
More information you can find on the official site of The 1920’s Berlin Project and they also have a Flickrgroup (in which I will upload the larger images I took)

It is very much worth a visit, and personally I find the dressing up an added bonus – but that may be personal –  , so here is what I was wearing:

* The tweed skirt, knitted top, hat and stockings is a complete outfit (mesh) from Kaliko Vintage
* The shoes are from Volstead
* The hair is from TuTy and I had this in my inventory for years already
* The cigarette from La Petite Morte


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  1. Oh, these are lovely photos! I must add this to my list of places to explore.

    1. Hi Cougar, thank you :) And yes…it is a lovely place…and isnt is just fun to dress up! :P

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