The Private Life of Caity

A while back I asked Caity what she usually does when I log off, just out of curiosity. She told me she goes to bed and sleep most of the times, but sometimes she likes to go the Welcome Area’s to see if she can help new residents with starting their Second Life. She blushed and admitted this is how I sometimes miss stuff from my inventory: the sweetheart has given away many of my clothes! I forgave her, of course, how could I not!

So, this morning I read Berry’s new meme – courtesy of Winter Jefferson this time – in which we are asked to tell and show what our avatars do when we are not online! Well, I know…because Caity told me, but I did not have any pictures of it. I had to go to town for some hours, hence I logged off, and therefore I asked my Man-Alt to ‘follow’ Caity, but not disturb her while she is doing good deeds! – and make some nice pictures for me to show off !

Well. I have to say. I am shocked! I will definitely have a word with Ms. Tobias and have her explain how exactly this falls in the ‘helping new residents’ category. I will show the pics of this morning, thanks to Mr. Lastchance – who is also a bit disappointed. No. I am not proud.

The Private Life of Caity - I The Private Life of Caity - II


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Tsuki says:

    haha that was so funny. She is the queen of the newbies! xD

  2. Awwwww, she’s a generous soul!

  3. Bumblebee says:

    in her knickers no doubt! loved this

  4. Oh, it’s nice to see the newbies have upgraded to those lovely fuschia shirts :D

  5. Thanks for the comments all :) It was such a fun meme to do and I read all the others too…it seems there are some avatars with worrying lifestyles out there !

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