Forests of Shara

This morning I wandered around in the magical, medieval, Forests of Shara..and I almost got lost!

The Forests of Shara is an Adult location, and as they state in land information: ‘Gorean-by-spirit sim, lifestylers welcome.’. Just so you know, but it is  not a specific role-play sim. I have visited several times the past days, for pictures and exploring and have not encountered any activities that seemed Adult, Gorean or ‘life style’ (if I would ever recognize that, lol) but it is good to know up front. I found no rules on clothing or dress-codes.

Mostly this gorgeous Forest – surrounded by water and mountain-ranges -, with as eye-catcher the huge Castle on the rocks, is meant for romance, dancing, live events and socialising.
And exploring! You can not fly, so you are forced to walk around, which I always enjoy as that way you discover the best parts! By accident I ended up IN the water…and wow…was I glad I did! The underwater world is amazing, with tortoises, seahorses, octopusses and whatnot, simply wonderful!

I could stay there all day and take pictures…and I will go back, if not for pics than at least for a romantic dance:)

Forest of Shara - I Forest of Shara - II Forest of Shara - III Forest of Shara - IV-2


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