[ Elysion ]

Although I usually try to blog M or G locations, I noticed lately that new, or not so new – but to me- places, are rated Adult. It could be that new sim-owners decide to put their rating to Adult, not so much for the sex (but yes that can and is often a part of it) but rather to keep their venue open to ..ehm, well real Adults?

Anyway, todays blogpost is featuring [ Elysion ], an Adult lounge. Yes, you can have sex there. And yes, you may see sex there. But there is more and it is not all about sex, but rather a wonderfully decorated venue with lots of places and so much to explore ! To enter everything you need to be a member, cost of joining the group are 375 LS, I found it an investment well spend sofar.
[ Elyison ] - I

[ Elysion ] - IV

Currently the sim is half winter with snow, but there are sunny beaches as well and if you find it too cold outside or are not in the mood for beach…the buildings have several rooms and places to either retreat with a loved one and have some privacy in a classy decorated room or you can go meet other people in one of the clubs. I particularly love the Garden of Koi and the terraces with view over the ocean to hang out and chat. I have spent many hours lounging on a comfy sofa, zooming around and taking pictures :).

[ Elysion ] has a group on Flickr too, for more pics!

[ elysion ]
[ Elysion ] - III

Oh, and if you are into events and parties…there are plenty of those: themed or not, naughty or just for fun!

[ Elysion ] - V


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Tem Haalan says:

    A friend of mine sent me a LM for this place on Saturday. Kahl and I have been there almost every night since! A wonderful place, shame the parties are so late.

    1. Ooh, then we must have missed you somehow! Don and I went to the Asian Party last weekend, which was on a ‘normal’ time for the both of us. And yes, it is a cool place to hang out!

  2. Charlie Namiboo says:

    One of the most beautiful and atmospherically dense places I have ever visited so far. Great pics, btw :)

    1. Thanks Charlie! I saw pics you made, and those made me explore outside of the buildings..:P

  3. tippah says:

    Your photos are stunning Caitlin. The parties they have are always a lot of fun….well worth checking out. Xx

    1. Thanks Tippah! And maybe see you on some party :)

  4. thank you so much for featuring us on the blog Caitlin! :):):)

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