Vore Forest

Today was a bit laggy in RL for me, for some reason I could not get myself to active exploring – but I did feel the need to find something new in SL! So, I fiddled around a bit with  ‘home-decoration-the-Caity-way’ and after I got rid of the scooters, strawberries the size of a beach-house and some other assorted stuff I found in my inventory I managed to rezz in and around the house…I decided it would be better to play Barbie and dress Caity up!

Ever since I got the armor from Death Row Designs, which I used for a Clockwork Party, I am in love with it and want to wear it every day. So, I paired it with the Ghost of the Fishermans’ Mask from ContraptioN (at the Seasons Story), Clawtooth’s Hair At Collabor88 (in the colour ‘delicious wine’, which made perfect sense to me and it is a reason to wear it!), the Mignon top from Maitreya, the Nuance in black-skirt from Sakide , The Liquid Metal Collar from Fashionably Dead and to go all the way I even dustes off my Mushashi Ronin Katana. So, there I was. All dressed up. In a modern skyhome, completely out of place – even for just a pic –  and thus : exploring time! I looked on Flickr for some places with green forest and a few minutes later I found myself in Vore Forest (Adult).

Vore Forest - I

Upon arrival I read the (sensible to me) rules: Vore Forest is as they say: a Medieval Forest, with cabins and a small town. Roleplay is optional and so is dressing up in theme. Sounded good to me. Also, and this may be important for those who do not wish to encounter this at all when exploring or doing a photoshoot on location: sex and yiffing is encouraged and you will see it. Just move along and let people play, well..that is my motto anyway. I have spent over an hour wandering around and have not been IM’d or otherwise bothered or asked for RP an/or sex (almost made me wonder if I did not look good enough, or what?!).

Vore Forest - II

Vore Forest - III

It is a wonderful sim, nicely landscaped with a real look and feel of medieval times – as far as I can judge that of course, I am olde..but not THAT olde! I loved strolling over the endless paths and enjoyed the view over the lake and the mountains in the distance.  It’s wonderful for taking pictures (I would advise not camming in on the more, ahem,  adult activities of other visitors, and not snoop around in the few private homes) and exploring!

Vore Forest - IV


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  1. I wanna come wif youuuuuu! ♡

    1. LOL! You dont dare to go alone?? :P

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