Enchantment in SL – Little Red Riding Hood

Amazing how 3 months have passed by so fast…the first round of Enchantment in SL ended – with the lovely theme of Snow White – and on 1st February a new round will start, this time featuring Little Red Riding Hood!
Now I usually do not cover events much, for the products that is, but Enchantment and the fairy tales themes are just so wonderful!

Enchantment - Little Red Riding Hood - II

Little Red Riding Hood is of course all about red dresses, gowns, cloaks – but there is more. A nice variety of poses, accessoires, shoes, decorations and hair, to either dress yourself up as a real Lil Red or combine them and create your own fantasy look.

Enchantment - Little Red Riding Hood - I

The sim is filled with trees, and I do recommend a visit to Grandmother’s house which is so wonderfully decorated by Britain Kennedy!
Awesome for pics!

I have been shopping a bit..ahem, as I have preview access, so here is my sneak preview (credits at end of the post!).

Hungry like the Wolf - I

Enchantment - Little Red Riding Hood - VI - In Grandma's Home

Enchantment - Little Red Riding Hood - V - Pose by Infiniti

Miss Red


* Red gown Blanchette by MiaMai
* Red Cloak by [S]
* Axe + pose (comes in more varieties and is for men – woodsmen, so some adjustment of Axe was needed) by Captivity Co.
* Running Scared pose by Infiniti
* Pose used in last picture is by An Lar

– Amor worn on picture with axe is from Death Row Designs, not on Enchantment


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  1. This looks fun! ♡♡

    1. Hi Cao! It is, specially if you like fairy tales, this is one of my fav events! :)

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