Spanish Wells, for art and sports

One of the sports, aside from my years of katanafighting, in SL that I really enjoy doing is surfing. It’s fun, it looks great and important: it’s not that difficult. On most surf-beaches you can also get a free surfboard to use, so it’s really something everyone can try.

When I read Ziki‘s and Inara‘s blogposts about Spanish Wells, I knew I had to go see it and Not only for the surfing, but also because Spanish Wells, owned by Shannon Cardalines, is completely landscaped and decorated by one of my favourite artists,  Cica Ghost (well known for her Little Village and the famous black and white sim from last year).

Spanish Wells - I

Spanish Wells is very..Cica Ghost! So much fun to see the combination of an artistic landscaping – giant sandcastles and delightful details all over, combined with not your avarage sand textures – and surfing!

Spanish Wells - II

Spanish Wells - III

I had a great time, looking around and yeah..I grabbed a board and rode some waves!

Spanish Wells - IV

There is a flickr group, so visitors can upload their adventures and if you wish to rezz props, or your own surfboard,  there is the option to join the group for a LS250 fee which will allow you to rezz.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. I think you just found me the perfect spot for my next picture! Thanks Caity-Did-It! <3

  2. shannon says:

    Thank you very much for the beautiful pictures and sharing Spanish Wells Ms.Tobias. Happy waves!

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