The Citadel

What a lovely start of the week: I had all the time in the world to go exploring!
I browsed a bit through the Destination Guide and in the ‘photogenic’ section a new (to me) place caught my attention: The Citadel. As per the description is a desert with a futuristic city. I like deserts in SL! So there I went!

I arrived in an old wooden shed, and since it was a bit took me a moment to find the exit. The region windlight is lovely for the theme but for pictures a bit too dark to my taste. Also, to my delight, there was a huge sandstorm passing over, which looked awesome but making the view a bit limited. The sandstorms pass randomly, so after a while they moved a bit higher and further away, giving me the time to change to a bit brighter windlight and look around!

Citadel - I
Regions Windlight


It is indeed sand. And a wreck of what seems to be a crashed UFO. The city is placed in a gigantic ‘snowglobe’.  It is a typical ‘less is more’ location, perfect for pictures and so I decided to show off the new Greta Rost avatar from Fallen Gods Inc. (@ A Clockwork Spiral, wich will close at 1 October, so you still have time to shop!).
Citadel - II
Citadel - III


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