A week of fantasies, magic and goddesses

This past week I have not been exploring as such, but have spent a lot of time playing dress up and shopping at some new events, featuring mostly fantasy items. Though I am not a roleplayer, I do love the fantasy outfits and accesories a lot and hey, Second Life is all about enjoying yourself and do what you like best, right?

First there is The Gathering, a gacha event, with lots and lots of wonderful things and outfits! I was happy to get the blue Fairy set by Death Row Designs and have been flying around like this for some days!

“And though you should live in a palace of gold, or sleep in a dried up ditch.....
Death Row Designs

Then another brand new event opened, Mystic Realms Faire, two sims filled with 140 shops of Fantasy clothing, wings, hair..you name it! A must visit, even if you are not into Fantasy!

I fell in love with hair from Truth and Exile, an elven outfit from Fateplay, a gown and wreath from Evies Closet…oh and there is so much more to shop!

Once upon a time...
Exile and FatePlay
Truth and Evies Closet

More information and shopping guide on Mystic Realms Faire can be found on their official site and on Seraphim.

Last but not least, Fallen Gods Inc is celebrating their 7th Anniversary, with a festival from 18-26 October and a special avatar ‘Solaris’, an amazing looking Goddess! The schedule of the festival can be found on Fallen Gods Inc. website!

Solaris, Fallen Gods Inc.



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