City of Harrison

A few days ago I visited the City of Harrison (Adult), a big city….meant for urban roleplay and according to its own land information: ‘roleplays Capital City, where you can come build your story and rent a (residential or business) place’.
City of Harrison - I
City of Harrison - II

I like urban sims, and this is a nice change to the apocalyptic ones as Harrison City looks more ‘realistic’ and very clean. Lovely to wander around and take pictures, it is quite detailed for such a big city! I didn’t examine the whole roleplay part, but just enjoyed the views and watched the people walking by (it is in the destination guide, so that always attracts lots of – new – residents).

It is nicely build and certainly worth a visit if you like cities!
City of Harrison - III

Oh and totally unrelated when it comes to lyrics, as Harrison is all but a ghost town, but the clip reminded me of it..the skyscrapers and all, I played this while preparing this blogpost, ah..the memories…



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